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This admission of sexual immorality was one of the first of the many "teeth" in this film. The original movie is very straight forward, with very little humour.

Only a few of the characters, generally the main ones, had close-ups. But eventually Simon is introduced as Theresa's boyfriend, Simon. Compared to the remake, the first movie lacked in special effects, with the main emphasis placed on the central theme. Instead, be filled with the Spirit.

No one does choleric better than Bernie Mac and it is always fun to see him get steamed. So, Simon and Theresa headed for a weekend with mom and dad. Go here to read the rest.

Songs such as Black Betty, Walk on the Wild Side and Ebony and Ivory made the car ride extremely uncomfortable as they all commented on racial difference, with Percy already upset at the fact that Simon was white.

My wife typically enough decided to simply ignore every practical aspect of the situation, and was carried in some kind of romantic haze which made her in my view totally inaccessible to anything in the way of reason.

Alcoholism was rampant as were diseases of the white man.Mar 24,  · In "Guess Who," the white fiance is not quite the world-class catch that Poitier was. Named Simon and played by Ashton Kutcher, who must have had an interesting evening when he came home for dinner with Demi Moore, he is a Wall Street trader with a bright future, who has suddenly quit his job.3/5.

The film Guess who is coming to dinner (Stanley Kramer, ) was an attempt to answer this question by bringing up the topic of interracial marriage. The film was a box office success, and was nominated for 10 Oscars (1 win, best actress in leading role, Katharine Hepburn), when it. In Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

was a socially progressive film. Today it seems quaint, yet still relevant. Lead by a memorable cast, this movie rises above its weaknesses. Joey Drayton, played by Hepburn's real life niece Katharine Houghton, a fresh-faced innocent looking young girl, arrives home from Hawaii with her new fiancée, Dr John Prentice.

The film, Guess Who's Coming To Dinner is a good movie, and reflects society's prejudices of the 's time period. This film explores the subject of interracial marriage, and the impact it has upon the parents of the bride and groom.

Comparative Film Analysis: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner & Guess Who

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner followed the story of a young white woman (Houghton) who brings her fiance (Poitier), an African-American doctor, home to meet her parents, played by Hepburn and.

Guess Who is a American comedy film about race relations directed by Kevin Rodney Sullivan.

Guess Who battles: Davis vs. Barrett

It is a loose remake of the film Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, in the form of a romantic comedy.

Film analysis guess who and guess
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